Jeinimeni, Aysén / Nols SSP1-Sept 2018

October 2018,

One-month expedition through the mountains of former Reserva Jeinimeny, now all this amazing land is part of Patagonia National Park, in Aysén Region, Patagonia, Chile. We followed the curse of wide glacier valleys, crossed Andean forests of Lenga trees, went through mountain passes where you could experience the breathtaking views from above and, of course, drank lots and lots of mate. It was the beginning of the spring so the temperatures were still quite chilly and we experienced some rough weather, as you can always expect in Patagonia. But even during the toughest moments of this expeditions, after long and exhausting days of hiking or climbing, getting to camp, or building a new one, was always comforting. It was the time to share, to cook an amazing dinner, to get some rest and to plan and prepare for whatever comes next. Finally, we were able to reach the glaciers above the mountains, did some glacier travel and summited an unnamed peak, maybe it was the first ascent ever. 

Spending quality time in truly wild places like this one makes you realize how important is to preserve them as they are. I am sure every member of this “family” now thinks the same way. 

On this expedition, I was training to become an Instructor for Nols.

Cole Cole, Chiloé

Julio, 2018. Parque Nacional Chiloé.


Junio, 2018. Sol de invierno del sur // Winter southern sun

Calbuco, Los Lagos


Junio 2018. Caleta Metri, Carretera Austral, Los Lagos. 

Cerro El Roble

Chile. Límite entre la Región de Valparaíso y la Metropolitana. 2.222 mt es una de las cuatro montañas más altas de la Cordillera de La Costa. En su ascenso se pueden apreciar el Robre de Santiago o Roble Hualo Nothofagus macrocarpa, el árbol de la familia de los nothofagus de rango más septentrional de todos. En otoño despliega sus increíbles tonalidades caducifolias.

Chile. Limit between Valparaíso and Metropolitana Regions. 2.222 mt is one of the four tallest mountains in the Costal Range. In its ascension is possible to see the Santiago Oak or Hualo Nothofagus macrocarpa, is the tree of this family with the northernmost distribution. In autumn they show their beautiful deciduous colors.  


Qinguaq, Payne River, Nunavik, North Quebec. Land occupation. August 2017